Dear Writer, is your social web presence in need of help?


Are you a writer, author, novelist, poet, playwright, biographer… or aspiring to be one?

Are you unsure about the best kind of online presence for you?

Got a website that’s seen better days of or half-started blog that’s looking a bit sad?

Confused by all the advice out there and wanting some straightforward tips from another writer who’s walked the talk?

Do you just need to get your head around all this social-networking-internet stuff?

Congratulations! You’re in the right place. Let me guide you through it, you’ll end up enjoying yourself, I promise!

Here’s what to do now:

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If you’re ready to move your social web presence up a gear from OK to awesome and are prepared to put in the work … ask me about mentoring – regular one-to-one bootcamp sessions where there’s nowhere to hide! (Limited places available.)

By this time I would hope you’re asking ‘who the heck is this person?’ Don’t just take the word of some ‘internet guru’ – check out their credentials!


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Health Check – already got a blog or a web presence, but want to improve it? Fill in the questionnaire and I’ll check you out and give you my recommendations for improvement.

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